VANMAKT - Vredskapta Mörkersagor

Vanmakt - Vredskapta Mörkersagor

11 songs
44:59 minutes
***** ***


Founded not even two years ago, Swedish black metal band Vanmakt offers surprisingly mature black metal on their debut. With the intention to praise the lord Lucifer and spread hatred against anything Christian, the five-piece has come together to play hyper-fast but also hyper-melodic black metal that reminds a little of Dissection. In times where many Satanist bands either sound trashy lo-fi or pompously bombastic, it’s refreshing to get a band like Vanmakt who display outrageous musical qualities. Apart from a superfluous intro, you get high-speed anthems to evil that make you first of all pay respect to the drummer for whom this is not only music, but also some kind of extreme sport. The guitarists are shredding through bumblebee sounding riffs that are not of this world. At times the band slows a little down to leave room for more epic passages, but only on the final track, A New Satanic Era, do they become really majestic in scope. A few more tracks like this would therefore have allowed for an even higher rating.

Mostly these days I am rather bored with the creative laziness of many black and death metal bands. Therefore it’s nice to have newcomers like Vanmakt who profess the genre with a lot of love and conviction. The lyrical concept is maybe a little on the cliché side, even though the band links to the major Satanic cults on their homepage, but in the end, if you truly despise Christianity, you can hurt it much more effectively by becoming an Atheist than by adhering to Satanism, because the latter makes you still acknowledge the existence of God. Apart from that, Vredskapta Mörkersagor is a fantastic debut by a band that has a promising future lying ahead.

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