VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cheap Shots Vol. V

Various Artists - Cheap Shots Vol. V

25 songs
77:11 minutes
Burning Heart

Cheap Shots is already heading in ist 5th round, and there is really not much more that needs to be said about this "low price / long playing time" compilation. Burning Heart Records, Sweden's and Europe's leading punk label, has collected this time 25 songs of all times and ages to give a broad look at all their activities. The major impact have punk rock'n'roll bands, which is no surprise considering the ongoing hype, but there's also plenty of other styles: ska, old school hardcore and even hiphop. The latter should have stayed off the compilation, but as it's a low price CD, we shouldn't get too mad about this. No rating, because people who love punk rock will buy this mostly high quality CD anyway.

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