VARIOUS ARTISTS - Dirty 4 Records

Various Artists - Dirty 4 Records

8 songs
30:21 minutes
***** ***

Unki and his weekly radio show Bloe Baaschtert are without a doubt the most important things when it comes to promoting local rock music. His objective and uncritical approach has opened doors for many bands that sometimes would better have been left unheard, but it also gave him always an aura of unprecedented democracy. It's been already four years since his last compilation, and if you bother to check the review back then, you will notice that back then his half-baked compilation made it hard for anyone to like everything on it.

Unki has learned, and decided to release only EPs in the future. The first one will be out on his third Bloe Baaschtert festival and features four of the seven or eight bands. Why not all the bands? Because it was important to have only unreleased material on the CD-EP. But first we have to suffer through a two-chord punk rock intro that sounds like early Black Flag on a really bad day. There are no credits to the song, considering the low quality, that's hardly a surprise. John McAsskill start the regular part with Freezo Zombro, a song that has been played live already many times but wasn't on their debut CD-EP. The production could be more powerful, but garage rock survives also on a low-budget sound. Natalie's scream (not screamo) vocals and Yvil's driving bass lines makes this song an instant favourite. BabyOil are next. Veterans of the local alternative rock scene, they are back after nearly ten years abstinence, without their female twin singers, a more stripped sound, becoming thus an all new band. Freakshow is a refreshing old fashioned alt rock song that is as much noise rock as grunge, with loud guitars, and unselfconscious snotty melodic vocals. Six Pax again cover the Beatles, this time it's Let It Be, and although their version is excellent, it's already the third time they pay tribute to the Fab Four. The EP ends with God Money's Telepathy?. No Bloe Baaschtert CD without a Dr Monto appearance, who plays in this band together with Josy J. of Astral Fuck and Schweinepest fame. You might be disappointed though, because this time they play real music, a kind of industrial goth rock, a bit like Pronoian Made without the heavy metal attitude.

Dirty 4 Records by no means reinvents the local subculture, but by providing four unreleased songs by rather low profile bands, it is still a very interesting contribution to the Luxembourgish pop culture, something the Bloe Baaschtert has always had as its mission. And they succeeded!

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