VARIOUS ARTISTS - Finnish Rockumentary 2003

Various Artists - Finnish Rockumentary 2003

18 songs
70:06 minutes
(Promo CD)

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It all started 10 years ago when the Finnish music industry decided to go further with new promising bands. And yes, it's quite interesting to discover the Finnish scene. I always thought Finnish bands got their brilliant originality due to their strange language. After the hype of Boomfunk MC's and HIM, Finland became the homeland of power pop. So don't be surprised if the Scandinavian hype from this year sounds like The Rasmus, they have everything for the masses (nice melodies, nice tattoos), but who will be able to remember them in two years from now? Of course nobody! The Crash follows in the power pop path in dedication to easy listing, nice work, they even sing in French, absolutely fit for radio airplay but not for a personal collection. To mention then Kwan, but just for a warning keep back please, here comes boring hip hop with a blonde Scandinavian girl, who needs this? Looking for serious stuff? Well get the records from Rinneradio, they are it worth, great electro sounds in combination with jazzy, sometimes ambient soundscapes, but never boring! Second buy then ... The Hypnomen, cool guys who try not to be too retro, they basically work with psychedelic music. Normally all the tunes are kept instrumental. Reminds me of the local Chief Marts, maybe in a few years for a redirection to the seventies. I never agreed with those typical rock'n'roll bands but why not discover Melrose, they rock (what to say more...), you can feel the joy they had during recording this record. Doesn't surprise me these guys have been for 17 years in the rock'n'roll business and are finally back after a 7 years break. Ready for a second class No Doubt clone, so join the music from Lab. What you can admire most about this band is the blond female singer with her sexy tattoo on her arse, that's all I think. In a more aggressive way but in the same direction, Velcra fighting for their MTV celebrity, but we already have Guano Apes and Die Happy, why get more bands, finally crossover sucks, get yourself a personal identity!!!

Finally as every year on this compilation there are quite a few bands to discover.

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