VARIOUS ARTISTS - Grand Duchy Grooves

Various Artists - Grand Duchy Grooves

14 songs
68:40 minutes
***** ****
The Cornelius Project

The Rockhal 3-CD compilation was quite ambitious in its scope, but when it came to presenting electronic music, it rather failed by choosing only five artists, not all of them even representative of the genre. And the last time someone I can remember released a local electronic compilation was about ten years ago and featured only Tangerine Dream sounding artists. But time has passed, electronic music diversified, and with people from The Cornelius Project investing a lot of their energy into developing a local electronic scene, we can now look forward to Grand Duchy Grooves, subtitled Luxembourgers Are Not Fast Food, to the first serious CD compilation that truly offers the whole scope of electronic music. Rhythmic post-ambient is the core material, but you can find anything from experimental hip hop to minimalistic postrock and even a couple of more techno influenced tracks. While most names are new to me (as I am not seen very often at electro events), there are also a couple of Own Records artists (Circle Around The Zero, Sug[r]cane) and those with their roots in rock or electropop (Principal Trade Center, DJ Sermeq). Apart from the too traditional vocal hip hop from Fano feat. Willi Sun, there is only very good or at least interesting/inspiring music on this compilation.

OK, it's only a single CD, and it costs 9 Euros, unlike the free Rockhal compilation, but at least you get one of the rare compilation albums you are able to listen to from beginning to end, as the compilators took care to have a logical flow going through the fourteen tracks on this astounding album. Recommended, not only for electronic fans. This may well enhance your perspective on contemporary music.

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