Various Artists - Grenzfall

8 songs
36:07 minutes
***** **
Impreuna / Young Beat


This CD is sponsored by the German ministry for family, seniors, women and youth. Three bands from different regions made a tour through several clubs in Sachsen (Germany). They only chose clubs where there were fascist riots in the past. The message behind the tour was to show civil courage and respect towards other races or nationalities.

Paprika Korps from Poland are a band playing a mixture of ska and reggae. They try not to end up in a too high tempo and play very calm and relax beats. To my ears, their sound is not exciting enough. The band has a certain potential, but they need to put more roughness into their music.

Die Stars from Germany play a totally different style of music. After having heard three ska songs by Paprika Korps, Die Stars confront you with classic German lo-fi noise rock. The guitars are very well played and show parallels to Sharon Stoned or Dirty Spoon, but the singer has a voice as if he had eaten too much chalk. But the song Caffeine is the highlight on the CD because rock gets mixed in an interesting way with folk, gothic and electronic elements.

The CD ends with two songs by The Divers from Bulgaria. The sound production unfortunately is very miserable so that it is impossible to hear if they can play their instruments or not. It sounds as if the microphones were outside the studio during the recording session.

I really like the concept behind the CD, but all three bands still have a very long way to go. Let's hope that better bands will be found for the second edition of this CD.

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