VARIOUS ARTISTS - Louder Than The Dragon

Various Artists - Louder Than The Dragon

28 songs
135:32 minutes
Limb Music


Louder Than The Dragon is the title of a double CD compilation by German power metal label Limb Music. It features the label's essential products, each represented by one song. The CD contains more popular acts like Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Lana Lane, Gun Barrel or Mob Rules, but also less known artists like Exhibition, Inner Wish, Godiva,... A first positive aspect is the very social selling price: you get over two hours of metal for only 10 euros. Apart from 28 songs, you may also watch 3 video clips on your PC. Melodic power metal actually is not my favourite kind of music, but fans have here the opportunity to become more familiar with lots of bands making their work more or less good. My personal faves are Exhibition, Galloglass, Lana Lane and Oratory. A negative aspect is that some artists sound more or less the same and don't try to take a distance from traditional power metal patterns (Gothic Knights, Magic Kingdom, Midnight Sun, Vanishing Point,...). Without judging which bands are good or bad, I just think that the compilation gives you an interesting overview of the power metal scene and of Limb Musicís impressive roster.

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