VARIOUS ARTISTS - MT6 Records 2007 Sampler

Various Artists - MT6 Records 2007 Sampler

26 songs
73:56 minutes
***** **

Baltimore, Maryland based independent label MT6 mostly only releases bands from its state, and while it shouldn’t surprise that this rather small East Coast state has many bands, it is still astonishing to see how many different (crazy) genres can be found there. The MT6 Records 2007 Sampler collect 26 bands from the label’s thirty-plus roster, and you shouldn’t expect frictionless, easy listening.

Human Host start with cool lo-fi folk with a bluegrassy touch, before Social Junk bring us back to reality with their experimental noise which is even weirder than the Residents. The Agrarians, already twice reviewed on this side, are the first highlight with their singer/songwriter attitude full of soul. Abiku gives us very high-speed techno with strange growling vocals. Needlegun combines free jazz with weird noises. Newagehillbilly, MT6 label boss, presents an unusual spacy experiment with crazy sounding keyboards. Next highlight are Bad Liquor Pond with appealing indie psych rock, very nice after so much weirdness. Fuzz Unlimited play of course fuzz rock, unfortunately the vocals that sound like a kazoo don’t help very much. Myo is again experimental noise, hardly music. Blakk Sweat play a spooky one-minute free-blues song. Pokawa Khan follow up with simple indie-pop with distorted vocals. The Heirs Of Rockefeller offer a short industrial track. Female fronted lo-fi garage rock comes from The Dirt. Heroin UK are a gem again, with their angular math rock which is already nearly too accessible for this sampler. Bo Lee Da fare no worse with their heartfelt indie folk. A) Torture Mechanism’s experimental noise is at least short. Excellent quirky lo-fi pop from the Forest Dwellers is again another high before Tadpole Angel’s rap/indie crossover isn’t bad either, showing parallels to Anticon artists. The New Flesh’s eight seconds song doesn’t make much sense on a compilation. Hex Screw play the harshest noise ever, although it offers some distorted waltz moments in the middle. Mother Orchid is no-fi grind noise black metal for fans of very extreme music. The Wire Orchestra’s psych rock improvisation is not too well produced and doesn’t really go anywhere. Pat Grant and the Blown Fuses is real music again, and their American styled rock music is charming again after so much noise. Last really cool band of these 74 minutes are USSA Pleasuredome whose track is krauty ambient with an oriental feeling. Retarded Garfield has an impressive discography, but his strange music is still very experimental. Dr. Tuborg ends the CD with a moody psychedelic ambient piece.

The MT6 Records 2007 Sampler gives a nice overview of the label’s very different bands, but some of them are so bizarre that they are better experienced on their own CDs and not taken out of concept on a compilation. The label has links to all its bands Myspace pages, so you should first listen and then decide what you like.

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