VARIOUS ARTISTS - MUDAM Playlist by The Boy With The Bibolar Neighbour

Various Artists - MUDAM Playlist by The Boy With The Bibolar Neighbour

16 songs
78:50 minutes
Songs For Ben / MUDAM

In times where every self-respecting music magazine is giving away CD compilations for free, people evidently become more and more reluctant to spend money on such collections of music. In the case of MUDAM Playlist by The Boy With The Bipolar Neighbour, the price of 30 euro can even be considered quite steep. But to be fair: this is certainly not a rip-off affair, but rather a fan-funded labour of love, released as a double vinyl LP (with an MP3 download code for your digital listening convenience).

The idea behind the compilation was to celebrate the Wednesday evening DJ sessions and concerts at the MUDAM. The compilation contains music by local and regional artists who had the honour to perform, plus a couple of foreign bands chosen by Fred Baus aka The Boy With The Bipolar Neighbour.

As compilations go, this is certainly not a bad one. You’ll find indietronica, electro and mild psychedelia. So there’s not too wide a range of styles, but that’s what makes the eighty minute ride far more accessible. Most artists come from Luxembourg (Fracture, Sug[r]cane, In Circles, Cyclorama, Plankton Waves, Natas Loves You), followed by France (Komparce, Diaporama, Andromakers) and the United Kingdom (Nedry, Windmill, The Oscillation). Also included are Arms & Sleepers and Nolens Volens (both USA), Mohna (Germany) and Fieldhead (Canada). Apart from Diaporama who really scared me away with their icky French electro pop, I couldn’t find anything bad. Unreleased material comes only from Natas Loves You who offer quite a minimalist piece and show that they are getting better and better, and from Andromakers who cover The Smiths’ There Is A Light. All the other songs can be found on the artists’ respective releases.

The cover artwork has been drawn by local graphic artist Stina Fisch and underlines the aesthetic ascetism of this project which is a cool collector’s item and probably a must-have for every vinyl lover. The more digital minded music fans will probably take a pass though.

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