VARIOUS ARTISTS - Music For the Living? Vol. 1

Various Artists - Music For the Living? Vol. 1

19 songs
66:03 minutes
***** ***

Ashcan Records is a Luxemburgish 100% DIY independent and non-profit punk record label created by some friends in 2004. After a few smaller releases, it was time to bring out a first label compilation. This CD contains 19 songs performed by Luxemburgish and international bands and its aim is to spread punk music around the whole world.

The album starts with The Disliked, Luxemburg's most popular ska punk band. Although I was surprised that their song is running for six minutes, it's still an ideal opener for the compilation. The beginning of the album is very punk, but later on there are also many ska bands featured. The most popular one are Skafield from Germany, although the other ska bands aren't less entertaining. Nervous Chillin' from Belgium, P.O. Box from France and The Bandgeek Mafia from Germany play deft ska punk. Green Light And The Rocky Bretherens prefer their ska the slower and more traditional way. I also like The Greedy Bees who sound like Kettkar on a ska punk trip. Three Minute Warning's song is a bizarre mix of ska and boogie while Kunn And The Magic Muffins are presenting a relax pure ska song which we unfortunately already know from their last record.

The Last Millennium Suckers recorded a new song for this compilation: "Used To Be Amused" doesn't surprise too much, but it's better than recycling a track from an older release. Other cool melodic punk bands on Music For The Living? are Rise Up, Phinius Gage from England and the Bad Religion clones Redasmonkey. More street punk comes from Last To Go (Netherlands) who released their last CD on Ashcan Records, Mongrel and Broken Stars who unfortunately suffer from a bad sound. Antillectual and Extinct are not so much to my taste. My least favourite band is Another Guardian Angel who play a kind of boring rock music.

It's normal that a compilation containing 19 different bands can't please you totally but I respect very much the work done by the guys from Ashcan Records. First of all, the musical choice isn't too bad. Then they have tried to find enough bands outside from our tiny country, although some artists have already been present on various Winged Skull compilations. Nine tracks have been unreleased so far which is another reason to purchase the album, especially when you're considering the low selling price (5 ).

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