VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Return Of The Bloe Baaschtert

Various Artists - The Return Of The Bloe Baaschtert

16 songs
64:58 minutes

At the end of 2000, Unki from Radio ARA's show Bloe Baaschtert released quite a good compilation CD featuring different alternative bands from Luxembourg. A good year later, a second issue follows that features three different blocks.

The first one is about punk music. Opener are the melodic The Last Millenium Suckers who are quite popular due to their female vocals [The PC police begs to differ; the webmaster]. Against Again, now called The Rejects, show that there is also great street punk in Luxembourg. Carefree play punk music with a strong pop touch and present their classic Come Join The Army. Finally Toxkäpp, a band with Luxembourgian vocals, offers with Abriecher one of their older songs.

The second block is about industrial, electro and wave. The first band are Schweinepest, formerly known as Schwitzende Schweine, our national answer to DAF. Modular Clockwork are an annoying electronic experimental band. Pronoian Made often get compared to Sisters of Mercy. Elyzium For The Sleepless Souls are a no more existant wave band which was quite popular in the mid-Nineties. Farce is a strange mixture of electronic music with death metal like vocals. Astral Fuck always was known to be one of the most untalentated bands in Luxembourg which is again proven on this CD. The following Project M are not better at all.

The third and last block is about indie music and has with Sloggy (ex-Gauged) a great lo-fi garage opener. One of the most boring parts are Ramon Mitarbeit's spoken words about a cigarette. Yggdrasil is an interesting hippie like instrumental. Finally there are two bands from Luxembourg's most important dilettante: Dr. Monto. Both bands Ede Wolf and Friends Of Carlotta are not worth being presented on CD.

The Return Of The Bloe Baaschtert compilation may be ordered on their homepage for 12,5 Euro. I just regret that the music is not on Luxembourg's highest level. Many people, especially the young, won't be interested in what was hip in Luxembourg about 10 years ago. There are lots of better bands in Luxembourg than what is presented on the second Bloe Baaschtert compilation.

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