VARIOUS ARTISTS - Smells Like Team Spirit IV

Various Artists - Smells Like Team Spirit IV

19 songs
73:44 minutes


Smells Like Team Spirit, the 4th. Displeased Records from Holland are already quite established in the metal underground, and like every good label, they release from time to time a low-priced CD compilation to show off their talents.

Apart from the low price, there's a lot more on this compilation that makes it a worthwhile purchase. First of all, the bands come from many different countries: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Japan and even Indonesia. Second, you'll find the most diverse (but always extreme) metal styles on the record: death / black / gothic metal plus grindcore. The third point, and in my opinion the most important one, is that apart from bands of the regular Displeased label, there are also - at the end of the CD - five song from their sub-label From Beyond Productions, and it's these songs that come with a primal energy you seldom find on the better produced songs.

Of course, everyone will find one song or another that they don't like, but that's like that with label compilations. Any serious extreme metal fan should invest the 5 or so Euro to get this excellent album.

Featured bands: Unlord, Mental Horror, Internal Suffering, Murder Corporation, Ninnghizhidda, Officium Triste, Tyrant, Ceremonial Embrace, Deeds Of Flesh, Phobia, Nasum, Deformity, Vesperian Sorrow, Even Song, Absolute Defiance, Necro Schizma, NunSlaughter, Siksakubur, Sathanas.

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