VARIOUS ARTISTS - Subroutine 14

Various Artists - Subroutine 14

21 songs
73:49 minutes


Each year in summer, Noiseworks Records is releasing a new compilation CD presenting on the one hand signed bands and on the other hand bands which get promoted by the label. For my taste, most signed Noiseworks bands are on an excellent level and the new compilation celebrating the label's 14th birthday may be one of their best ones so far. 21 songs, and there's only one not so exactly to my taste (gothic metal band Ancient Gallery). The opener Mad X-Ray is an excellent post rock band presenting a calm symphonic song. The CD is containing lots of catchy pop bands (Wax, Plastic Ivy, Bally Hoo, Palestar, Fortuna's Favourite's, Susan Said, Doris Klie) and some real noise rock (Waawe, L'Point, Cuba Missouri, Flowshot, Ememvoodoopöka, Eher Uncool, El Kind, Bosworth). Other artists on this compilation are the more experimental Grizzlybearunderwear, the godfather of sex rock Lord Bishop, Luxemburg's Petrograd and Awful Noise, a Sorbian metal band. All this great stuff may get ordered on the label's homepage for only 6 euros. That's an excellent opportunity to support the real underground.

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