VARIOUS ARTISTS - Swedish Assault

Various Artists - Swedish Assault

32 songs
44:19 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


It's been exactly one year and three days since I reviewed the last album of the Assault compilations. Last year, it was a wild and wicked journey into the Czech Republic, this year it's a braincrushing trip into Sweden. 6 bands, 32 songs, three quarter of an hour noise, and it never becomes boring due to the great choice of bands.

Sayyadina (7 songs) start out with a well working combination of fast hardcore and grindcore, with sometimes very interesting arrangements. Just listen to Stagnation and you know what I mean. Great way to start a compilation.

Assel (5 songs) are much more basic, and play a very raw kind of old school hardcore. Not very technical at all, but has this primitive charm we have come to admire. There are also two coverversions of songs by Swedish crust legend Protes Bengt and Canadian cult band Propagandhi.

Genocide Superstar (4 songs) finally got rid of the stupid SS abbreviation, and although they have been around for quite some time already, I don't know why they are on this CD. I like their rock'n'rollish Motörhead core sound quite a lot, but next to the other grind and crust bands, they seem to be a little out of place. Let's say they give you time to get a break with more melodic music.

The next two bands, Gadget (5 songs) and Birdflesh (8 songs) are more or less typical grind crust core. Well done, but nothing too extraordinary. Still good sounding stuff.

Cult crusties Disfear (3 songs) finally end this excellent compilation album with much too few songs, but rather a few of their songs than none at all. Disfear cover a Zeke song, just so that you stay informed of the content of this CD.

Is Swedish Assault better than Czech Assault? Mmmh, hard to say. The Czech compilation had fewer bands, fewer songs and a more metallic orientation, thus also longer running time. But Swedish crust has always been something I like a lot, so I would say both compilations are very excellent, although very different, and need to be enjoyed in their very own ways. 9 points, then.

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