VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 1

Various Artists - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 1

20 songs
57:52 minutes
Humppa / Tug


This compilation is quite an unusual advertisement for a record shop. Kioski is the only shop in Germany which is specialised in Finnish records. Founded in October 2002, it is meanwhile also very popular for unplugged concerts, exhibitions and readings. This compilation gives a vast overview of records which may be bought in this shop. My impression is that Finland has not only a very interesting scene, but it's sounding very varied and bizarre. If you should be in Fürth, don't hesitate to visit this shop.

Here's a list of the 20 bands from the compilation: Hypnomen (surf), The Nightingales (60s pop), Trouble Bound Gospel ( ), Sweetheart (pop folk), Kumikameli (circus of fear), HC Andersen (folk punk with trumpets), Screamin' Stukas (glam rock), Disgrace (dirty rock), Kostajat (very bizarre), La Sega Del Canto (avantgarde folk), Osuuskuntaorkesteri (Nick Cave like), Eläkeläiset (polka cult), Pohjannaula (folk), Cleaning Women (Primus like), The Duplo (electronica pop), The Weepikes (freaky), The Phantom Tones (melodic pop), Jolly Jumpers (like a sixties B-movie soundtrack), Selfish Shellfish (very minimalistic) and Saariston Lapset (another circus tune).

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