VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 2

Various Artists - Tervetuloa Kioskiin Vol. 2

20 songs
71:51 minutes


This is the second compilation by the Finland specialised record shop Kioski located in Fürth, Germany. Again this unusual kind of advertisement shows that there is a dynamic and active scene in Finland. Lots of artists are sounding strange and bizarre, but exactly these facts may help to create richer music. I also like very much listening to the Finnish vocals because it's a beautiful and unusual language. Although I preferred the bands on the first compilation, this record is giving nevertheless an interesting overlook of the Finnish scene and a low price of only 5 euros makes it worth purchasing.

Here's the complete list of the 20 bands from the compilation: Alamaailman Vasarat (folk), Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat (Paolo Conte like), Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat (surf), The Nightingales (beat rock), Rollstons (rock), Boomhauer (rock'n'roll), Disgrace (rock'n'roll), Jolly Jumpers (Doors like), Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge (sad lo-fi), Karkkiautomaati (nice pop), Giant Robot (trip hop), Kapteeni Ä-Ni (reggae), Eläkeläiset (humppa folk), Kotiteollisuus (alternative rock), Turun Romantiikka (pop), Grumps (girl power), Kumikameli (humppa rock), Apulanta (Waltari like), Kostajat (folk), Astro Can Caravan (swing/jazz).

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