VARIOUS ARTISTS - Victory Style 5

Various Artists - Victory Style 5

23 songs
72:07 minutes
***** *****

It's always hard, maybe even futile, to review a label compilation, because it's most of the time kind of a catalogue for little money that gives you an impression of what to expect from the label's releases. Shortly, there's not much you can do wrong buying one of these pieces.

If there's two label compilations that have developed cult status, it's probably the Punkorama series for the melodic punk genre and the Victory Style series that document the harder side of core. The fifth of these CDs shows again in a very impressing way who is the king of hardcore at the moment. If some years ago, the name Victory meant mostly new school mosh hardcore metal, they have developed into a more diverse label, where you find everything from melodic punk (Student Rick) to emo punk (Thursday), ska punk (Catch 22), rock steady (Voodoo Glow Skulls) and plain weirdness (Angela Delamorte). Not every band is totally great, but especially the two opening songs by Atreyu and Taking Back Sunday plus the Ziggy Stardust coverversion by Grade are ear-openers. There's some yet unreleased material, and the price of 8 Euro is like an invitation to more than an hour of the best hardcore you can find. OK, I agree there's also some great hardcore going on in the smaller labels, and some people associate Victory Records with sell-out, but that doesn't change my opinion of this CD. I prefer it to the wimpier Punkorama outlet and guess that everybody who's into the hardcore genre should get this album. There's really some great bands to discover.

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