Various Artists - Waterloo

11 songs
55:26 minutes
***** ****

The Waterloo is a heavier music festival taking place in Spain’s capital Madrid. The Spanish metal label Underhill has released a compilation presenting four of their bands that will appear at this event.

The first band is Another Kind Of Death from Madrid. Their metalcore is far above average: fierce, chaotic and aggressive, and between all those unforeseeable breaks, there’s always room for cool guitar lines. Another Kind Of Death successfully bring fresh elements to a genre which doesn’t have to offer much new lately.

Adrift, another band from Madrid, is even more psychotic in their approach. The sound is intense, angry, bombastic and doomy. Their songs often start in an unspectacular way before turning into monumental works. Their third track is starting with a longer instrumental part before turning into a raw stoner tune. This band would be an ideal opener for Sunn 0))).

Moksha are another good band, but they cannot keep the same high level as the other bands. They can be described as a metalcore band as their music contains enough brutal parts. But there’s also a more rock oriented and groovier side to Moksha that makes me think of Entombed.

Moho even go further in their retro rock touch than Moksha and can be labelled a sludge metal band. They are the only band with two instead of three tracks, but those two songs are seven and ten minutes long. They have a psychedelic touch, parallels to Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, Black Sabbath and High On Fire come to mind. The band consists of only three members, which is a classic trademark of Seventies power rock bands. This underlines the retro attitude of their music.

To review this album in one sentence: Spain’s metal scene rocks!!!

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