VARIOUS ARTISTS - Zwei Kessel Buntes

Various Artists - Zwei Kessel Buntes

20 songs
68:26 minutes
***** ****


The Kessel is a community of several Czech indie labels (Silver Rocket, Free Dimension, Minority, Tamizdat, Samuel, Bizart, Freemusic) and Noiseworks from Germany. Zwei Kessel Buntes is - after Ten Years Ego - the second release about the Czech underground scene. Although Landmine Spring is the only more popular band on this compilation, it shows that the Czech Republic has more to offer than just tasty beer and great ice hockey cracks. This compilation features 20 different bands playing mostly noise (Anyway, Landmine Spring, Lyssa, Ememvoodoop÷kÓ, Squall, C, Flowshot, Deti Deste), emo (Blank, Albion, Esgmeq) or lo-fi (GNU, OTK, Wollongong). The CD also contains 3 punk bands: Kvetoslav Doleisi, Suffer (a hot tip), Nofeeling. Finally let's not forget L'Point (electronica), Deverova Chyba (reggae) and Waawe (experimental). I'd say that 17 of 20 bands have already reached quite a high level and Zwei Kessel Buntes is a great opportunity to get in contact with a musically still little explored country.

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