VAST - Nude

Vast - Nude

12 songs
45:20 minutes
***** ****
Inside Out


Usually the German label Inside Out Music is well known for progressive rock music, and I often regret that their bands sound more or less the same. A band that goes into a quite different direction is Vast. Their music is hard to define which in this case is absolutely positive. Contemporary rock music would be an adequate description. The mastermind behind Vast is 28 year old John Crosby who wrote all the songs totally by himself in New Mexico. He's playing nearly all the instruments and used software tools to create the music. Other impressing features on this record are the melancholic voice (ranging from slow U2-Bono to a weirder Devin Townsend) and the variety in song writing. Emphasis is put on calmness which can be heard on several songs, like the piano ballad Don't Take Your Love Away, the very sad Winter In My Heart and the Nick Drake like ballad Desert Garden. Vast's love for computer effects and samples which often create a very hypnotic or even spooky atmosphere is noticed on tracks like Be With You and I Can't Say No To You. Furthermore the album is very appropriate for people who like goth and wave of the Nineties as some parts on the album remind me of The Mission and The Cult. Nude is not easy to classify, but it has the potential and quality to satisfy many different tastes.

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