VEHEMENCE - God Was Created

Vehemence - God Was Created

10 songs
59:48 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Vehemence is not your typical death metal band. First of all, they come from Arizona, a state which is not exactly known for its huge metal scene. Then their songs average a running time of 6 minutes, which is also quite unusual for that genre. Finally, they are a band of 6 people, where two play guitar, and one person on bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Quite an orchestra, isn't this?

Vehemence's artwork might let you expect gory death metal, but their music is quite technical, nearly progressive, and remind a bit of Nocturnus, although Vehemence sound less spacey and more traditional metal oriented. Their lyrics are also not typical death metal, but are either attacking Christian hypocritical lifestyles or painting nightmare visions of broken families. Not really comfortable stuff, which is why the Parental Guidance sticker might make some sense.

People who are tired of primitive old school death metal and also don't like the more melodic European way of death metal should check out absolutely this band. Vehemence's debut is a really cool piece of music that's fast, brutal, technical and intelligent as well. I give it 9 points, and hope that this hasn't been the last we have heard of these newcomers.

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