THE VENDETTA - Ultraumatic

The Vendetta - Ultraumatic

19 songs
51:00 minutes
***** **
Street Justice


The Vendetta is an Italian band that formed in 2004. They started under the name The Bloodline, but changed that later into The Vendetta. They are an astonishingly busy band playing 150 to 180 live shows every year. The opener Fall And Rise, a fast but melodic street punk song, makes you feel that The Vendetta are feeling more at ease on stage than in a studio. This shouldn’t of course mean that Ultraumatic doesn’t have a decent sound, but the music is sounding as authentically as if it had been recorded live. The song structures are always kept at the most simple level and the sound is going from rock’n’roll to street punk and even sometimes hardcore. The Vendetta play chords that put the right amount of energy into their songs. That’s why they call their music speed rock. You may criticise that The Vendetta adhere too much to the same formula, but at least the first eleven songs are entertaining and powerfully produced. People who like Motörhead, Rose Tattoo and Misfits will get pleasure out of this record.

The CD offers, after the eleven regular songs, eight bonus tracks from their Terror Nation CD. Unfortunately those songs are suffering from a quite thin production and are spoiling the good impression of the first half hour. As those eight tracks are older recordings, I will not be too severe with my rating as I am sure that The Vendetta’s future will be headed into the direction of their more contemporary material.

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