Victims Of Society - Glasgow Kiss

10 songs
17:50 minutes
***** ***


Some albums are so good that time seems to fly by while listening to them. I thought I had that experience with Glasgow Kiss until I realised that the album was actually really very short indeed. But apart from that, this is a really good piece of old school hardcore that doesn't sound fake at all.

Indeed, this band started out already 10 years ago, and even released an EP on the (back then) cult label Lost and Found Records. Time's gone by, there has been one more release on Daybreak Records, until they finally released this mini-CD on the Belgian Funtime Records. This doesn't sound like fun at all though, but rather like a really angry mob screaming their madness in your face. In comparison to a lot of NYHC bands that have a tough guy vocal style, you get here the high pitched screamo vocals that fit very well the short length of the featured pieces. Only the hidden bonus track Playboy Subscriber is a little bit longer and shows the band's roots as it is a Spermbirds coverversion. OK, the Spermbirds were a lot more melodic and accessible than VOS, but anybody who likes mad screaming true old school hardcore will enjoy these nearly 18 minutes of anger. 8 points for a cool trip into the past, when HC was more about attitude than fashion.

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