VICTIMS OF SOCIETY - The Gloves Come Off

Victims Of Society - The Gloves Come Off

10 songs
25:35 minutes
***** **


Old school hardcore can be the most boring and reactionary musical style, and most of the time I am really annoyed when I have to spend my time with such a band. When I checked back on the review I had written for Glasgow Kiss, VOS's preceding mini-album, I was surprised that I had such a positive opinion of them. Well, as ordinary as their new album The Gloves Come Off may sound at first, the more time you spend with this Belgian hardcore "grandpas" (who started way back in 1992 and released already a great number of albums), the more you come to like them. The songwriting is efficient and very fluid, and the vocals are very different from your regular old school band. Instead of marking the tough guy stance, Jim's vocals are very high-pitched, and if I were mean I'd say more screeched than screamed, but hey, this is what sets them apart from other likewise bands. Back in the late 80s / early 90s, it was often the unlikelier bands (The Accused, Septic Death) that caught my attention, and VOS come very close to that sicko sound. At best when they are fast and furious, Victims Of Society prove that not every old school hardcore band has to drown in clichés. This is refreshing stuff, surprisingly original and while it's a short album, it runs no risk of getting lost in tedious parts.

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