vidnaObmana - Legacy

8 songs
74:00 minutes
***** **
Release / Suburban


Dirk Serries is among the most prolific electronic artists from Belgium. Better known as vidnaObmana, he has released already 30 albums since the early Nineties, and while his early works are rumoured to be rather minimalistic, his new approach is already much closer to music in the general sense. Legacy is the last part of a trilogy depicting Dante's Inferno, and it doesn't make a bad job of it. While the short opener Canto has dark imploring vocals, reminding of the recent Neurosis stuff, the following songs are all between seven and thirteen minutes long. From here on it's everything from ethnotronics to tribal industrialism. What makes a rather unnerving impression in the beginning develops into pure beauty with the concluding Impious Rising and Legacy, which together make up already for nearly one third of the album. vidnaObmana is still no music for the masses, but the anticipation of the sheer excellence of the two last songs should give you enough stamina to make it also through the more demanding parts of the album. If you like bands like Isis and Neurosis, think of stripping away the guitars and the heaviness, then adding a rhythmic component and some world music elements, and if you still imagine liking what you get, you should check out Legacy. If this were a book, I'd advise you to start with the beginning, but with music, it doesn't really matter. A rewarding experience!

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