VINTERSORG - Solens Rötter

Vintersorg - Solens Rötter

10 songs
52:59 minutes
***** ****


Andreas Hedlund aka Vintersorg is the main man behind his same called band. Guitarist Mattias Marklund is the other permanent member. Bass and drums are played by session musicians and other instruments are provided by samples. After a break of three years, Vintersorg now releases its sixth CD Solens Rötter.

In one way, this record can be considered as a ‘back to basics’ decision. The song structures are less progressive than on their previous album The Focusing Blur. Furthermore the English lyrics had to make room for Swedish ones, also helping to transform music again into a folk direction as has already been the case on their early records. But this doesn’t mean that the music is easy to digest, as the progressive side of Vintersorg is still existent. This gets combined with melodic metal, black metal and folk metal, an unusual mix that harmonizes surprisingly well. Vintersorg is doing all the vocals and frequently changes from longer clean parts to shorter growls. The songwriting is on an extremely high technical level with a lot of variation. The opener Döpt I En Jökelsjö gives a short overview of the broad Vintersorg repertoire, and the following Perfektionisten hasn’t stolen its title. Even though they are sampled, the flutes, harps, violins and even trombones are working hand in hand with the traditional metal instruments. The high number of breaks may disturb some listeners, but the abrupt passages from violent shouts to acoustic guitars are what make their music so exciting. More conventional are the pure prog metal tracks Att Bygga En Ruin and Fran Materia Till Ande, and the classic and calmer folk metal songs Stralar and Vad Aftonvindens Andning Viskar.

The lyrical concept of Solens Rötter is the relationship between nature, mankind and the cosmos. The guy on the album cover is not Gambrinus from the Battin beer bottles, but an alchemist trying to keep equilibrium between the the aforementioned forces. Solens Rötter is a creative and innovative album that makes you always discover other elements. And that’s what makes a good album.

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