VIOLENCE AND THE SACRED - You Are Planning To Enjoy The Apocalypse

Violence and the Sacred - You Are Planning To Enjoy The Apocalypse

8 songs
65:50 minutes
***** **


The digital computer age of the twenty-first century made it possible for every aspiring artist with a little budget to create their own bedroom recordings. With more and more electronic acts surfacing, it is a pleasant distraction to discover bands that still rely on the good, old analogue synthesizers. Canadian experimental group Violence and the Sacred, or VioSac with those in lack of time to pronounce their entire name, use all kinds of Korg machines: MS-10, MS-20, MS-50, SQ-10, VC-10, SE-500 and Maxi-Korg. To emphasise their attachment to former ages, they even recorded their music on analogue tape.

My initial reaction was disappointment, because I may have expected something like The Moog Cookbook who use old gear to create real music. VioSac actually never pretend to play songs, instead they deliver sound collages full of eerie atmospheres. The nineteen minute opener and title track is therefore a perfect entry into this more than one hour long sonic journey. The synths are generating the weirdest noises, reminding more of a science fiction B-movie soundtrack ("Dark Star" comes to mind) than of your general electronica. At times VioSac show parallels to the Residents at their most experimental, as on The October Death Of Anaximander, probably the most accessible take on the album. Other experimental electricians, like Throbbing Gristle, but also avant-garde and twentieth century classical music, have left their traces.

With such a sense for authenticity, it should not surprise that VioSac are not a bunch of youngsters, but elderly people who started out in the mid-Eighties, releasing mostly cassette tapes. In the early Nineties, they separated and only got back together in 2007, releasing their comeback album Rusty Pile one year later. Let’s hope that VioSac can keep up this busy release schedule, because both albums are a testimony of their still ongoing creativity, certainly a sign of their second spring. You Are Planning To Enjoy The Apocalypse is anything but an easy listening record, but those with a taste for the obscure and a good amount of patience will eventually unlock the secret charms of this Canadian band.

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