VIRGIN BLACK - Elegant... And Dying

Virgin Black - Elegant... And Dying

9 songs
74:29 minutes
***** ****


Elegant... And Dying is the second album by Virgin Black, Australia's darkest doom and gothic band. As it was already the case on their debut Sombre Romantic, the five-piece is again creating a sad, epic but romantic sound. Most parts on the CD are sounding quite depressive, but they are often enough interrupted by more dynamic rock parts. The use of a piano and a cello gives the songs a symphonic touch. The 17 minutes running song The Everlasting is the highlight on this CD where all borders of darker music are crossed. Opera meets early Candlemass or the very solemn Bathory. This track really makes you shudder. Singer Rowan London has such an intense voice that you may believe he was suffering during the recording sessions of the record. Virgin Black have produced a very original and unique album. If you really have to search for a comparison, Saviour Machine may still be the nearest one. Their debut still contained some clumsy parts, but Elegant... And Dying is chosen to become a milestone of dark music.

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