VITALIJ KUPRIJ - Forward And Beyond

Vitalij Kuprij - Forward And Beyond

10 songs
51:52 minutes
Lion Music


While Lion Music is mostly releasing instrumental guitar albums, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see Vitalij Kuprij's new solo album Forward And Beyond on the same label. Kuprij, best known for his work with prog metal band Artension, has already released a couple of solo albums. This new CD sees him playing all the keyboards (electric but also regular piano), synth bass and real drumming. On seven of the ten songs he has used guitar players, some of whom we know already from other Lion Music releases: George Bellas, Michaerl Romeo, Michael Harris, Jeff Kollman, Javier Leal (with whom he recorded already a CD), Roger Staffelbach, Borislav Mitic and Francesco Fareri. Two of the songs are classical piano solos and can only be found on the limited edition digipak version.

Most of the songs sound like your typical neo-classical hard rock, Kuprij's excellent keyboard work duelling with several different guitar wizards. The compositions are ok, but nothing really so special as to arouse my further interest. Those of you who are into that kind of music and who even play an instrument will probably enjoy the technical intricacies much better than me, which also makes it quite obvious who is the main target of this album.

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