VIU DRAKH - Death Riff Society

Viu Drakh - Death Riff Society

12 songs
45:15 minutes
***** ***

Viu Drakh gave me a hard time the first time I was listening to them. It's unmistakably death metal: raw, brutal and without any compromises. It's also very primitive, or should I say primal. And exactly this latter point which made it hard for me to get into their music later made me appreciate this record so much.

Death Riff Society, the name of the album, describes the music very concisely: death metal, which is based on unrelenting guitar chords, neither reminding you of the melodic Sweden school, nor similar to the more technical East Coast approach. There surely is a hint of brutal thrash metal, although the death parts are more overwhelming, and the speed of the music may make you think of grind core, but again that's not really close.

What we have here is a raw death metal album that lives and breathes through its simplicity, eleven aggressively produced songs plus a rather uninspired coverversion of Motörhead's Ace Of Spades.

Viu Drakh's record label is claiming this to be the best German death metal album ever. It isn't, but it is a solid effort that deserves to be tasted by anyone into brutal music, but lately a bit tired of the aforementioned Sweden and East Coast school. 8 points go out to Death Riff Society. You may also want to visit their homepage.

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