VOICIANO - Everflow

Voiciano - Everflow

10 songs
44:41 minutes
***** *


Lanvall and Sabine Edelsbacher have been known for about fifteen years as main protagonists of Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge. After eight studio albums, both decided to release an album as a duo where they would only use vocals and acoustic instruments. That is why they decided to do this under the name Voiciano.

Unlike Edenbridge, they decided to do this endeavour without the support of a record label, preferring to do this in an entirely self-released way. But just like for the 2013 Edenbridge album The Bonding, they put up a crowdfunding action that was necessary among other things to pay for a philharmonic orchestra. Apart from the vocals, there arenít that many parallels to Edenbridge, except maybe the bandís ballads. Main instruments are the grand piano and acoustic guitars, but Lanvall also digs out less usual instruments like dulcimer, kacapi, bouzouki, mandolin and saz. Next to the Jungen Philharmoniker from Freistadt, the duo also hired the help of some guest musicians, where Austrian new age artist Gandalf an Dutch prog rock legend Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Vengeance) should be known to most. On one track, Swedish hard rock musician Erik Martensson (Eclipse) is performing guest vocals.

Fitting with the album cover, the opener Change comes across as a very quiet piece of music. Sabineís voice has a central role, and just like with Edenbridge, she also used her organ in a very varied way with Voiciano. Even the highest notes sound very precise. As the pace is always very sedate, Voiciano seem to be hovering constantly between melancholy and kitsch, without ever swerving too much into any one direction. One of the strongest tracks is the chilly ballad Hourglass that will really get under your skin. The duet with Erik Martensson also offers a new component and is therefore another of the more interesting moments. The Asian influenced Island Of The Gods is intriguing too, even if it is a little too long. Fortunately Everflow hasnít turned out to be too long, as I cannot guarantee how my metal trained ears would have taken it.

I have to admit that I prefer Edenbridgeís music, especially their more upbeat tracks, to Voiciano. As I am a regular listener of metal music, this acoustic duo is a little too much on the mellow side for my personal taste. It is probably also harder to create a wide dynamic range with only acoustic instruments. And still Voiciano deserve respect, as it is undeniable that they put a lot of ambition, preparation and talent into the songs. Now it remains to be seen how many Edenbridge fans will accept the two main band members without electric amplification.

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