VOID SECTION - Broken Harmonies

Void Section - Broken Harmonies

9 songs
23:27 minutes
***** *


Void Section may very well be the pioneers of Belgian melodic punk rock, as they have been around already for 15 years. A couple of releases and having played with a couple of big punk bands (No FX, Bad Religion) has given them on the one hand the necessary routine you would expect from such experienced musicians, but then on the other hand, they don't seem to know what to do exactly with their actually really cool ideas. Production-wise the album is lacking spirit and energy, while the vocalist's English is just sub-standard. Were this a debut album, I would put a lot of hope into this band, but the way it is, it needs to be wondered if they shouldn't have worked a bit harder on their promising material to make this a truly great mini-album instead of a just entertaining good one. Best example for good intention but bad execution is their cover version of Sweet's Fox On The Run. While I think it's nice of punk bands to show that their influences go further back in time than just the Sex Pistols, a more dynamic take on the song would have given it more shine. Let's hope the next time these guys enter a studio, they will work harder on the details to put them on top of the Belgian punk scene, where they should belong after such a long time.

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