VOLTAX - Voltax

Voltax - Voltax

11 songs
38:41 minutes
***** **
High Roller


Voltax are a relatively new heavy metal band from Mexico and released their self-titled debut in 2007. Two years later, they have come to the attention of High Roller Records who decided to make it now accessible to the European metal fans. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking new because the Mexicans are firmly grounded in Eighties metal and happily mix up early British sounds with old school American speed metal. This works best on the album’s beginning and end where Voltax put most of their fastest material. Starting with the high speed Voltax, things continue in the same vein with Lord Of The Sluts, which was also their chosen band name before they rechristened themselves after the opener. Both tracks feature incredible guitar work over an unbelievable fast rhythm, with nervous vocals that remind of early Living Death. Rocking In The Night is more of a mid-tempo track which is not exactly the band’s strength, just like Strong Like The Fire, with five minutes their only longer piece, suffering from a too conventional hardrock feeling. But let’s concentrate on the highlights. (Blackbeard) Wild Of The Sea could be from an old Running Wild album, while All The Metalheads later on merrily leaves no cliché aside but still comes across as a great metal hymn. The final two tracks are sung in Spanish, where Mataviejitas might very well be the most aggressive track featured on the album, while Amo De Las Callejeras is a remake of Lord Of The Sluts. It’s obvious that the band is more comfortable in their native tongue, but if you want to reach an international market, English is probably the more ideal vehicle for the lyrics.

Voltax may not have created a future classic, but its major strength lies in the concise songwriting, with hardly any of their compositions longer than four minutes. The album is hardly forty minutes long, but this also ensures that your attention span won’t be too heavily taxed. Fans of retro metal with a taste for the exotic will definitely get their share of unbridled metal fun.

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