VOX TEMPUS - In The Eyes Of Time

Vox Tempus - In The Eyes Of Time

9 songs
57:28 minutes
***** **


A few months after having listened to the advance, I finally received the regular album by US prog metal band Vox Tempus. As it has been the case on the advance, the opener is again For Every Life, a song that underlines the band's big connection to the progressive scene. Nearly everything on this song makes you think of Dream Theater during their Images & Words and Awake period. The song writing is dynamic and well done, the strong vocals respect musical harmonies in a pleasing way, the rhythm section is very powerful and the keyboards have a dominant role, too. But the band's strength are definitely the more powerful songs like the opener or Escape. The album contains some ballads (Broken) which don't convince me too much because they severely lack dynamism. Revelations is another less hard, more commercial sounding song which I already didn't appreciate too much on the advance. Even if some songs are not real jewels, the album also contains longer songs like What About (8 minutes) or Love, Lies And Treason (14 minutes) that are so full of variations and breaks that it doesn't get boring listening to them. The musicians have the necessary potential to play in the prog rock champions league. On the whole, it's a very enjoyable album which especially may be recommended for people who can't wait any longer for the next Dream Theater CD.

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