VOX TEMPUS - Vox Tempus

Vox Tempus - Vox Tempus

3 songs
21:40 minutes
***** **


Vox Tempus were founded in 1997 by former members of progressive rock band Equinox. Their drummer Gregg Bissonette even played for Dave Lee Roth and Joe Satriani. The first song For Every Life clearly underlines the band's progressive past. Dominant keyboards, powerful drums and very melodic vocal lines make you think of more easy listening songs by Dream Theatre. The next song Revelations builds on strong vocals and keyboard harmonies. This is the most commercial and calm track on the EP and melodic prog rockers will adore it. A wonderful song, but the guitar solo at the end is a bit superfluous as it can't be integrated in the song's harmony. Finally the last song is the most progressive one. Even if the main structure can be compared to Saga, the song often gets interrupted by wild, crazy and weird attacks which aren't easy to follow. Progressive rock definitely isn't my favourite kind of music, but Vox Tempus play it in a very convincing way and I hope that fans will appreciate their work.

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