VOYAGER - Univers

Voyager - Univers

11 songs
46:23 minutes
***** ****
Dockyard 1


After releasing an EP and a CD, Australian rock band Voyager is back with their second full-length album Univers. One of the hottest contemporary progressive rock bands around, they don’t play complex breaks like Dream Theater or choose the mellower and more comfortable Porcupine Tree way. Instead Voyager create a more atmospheric and unique sound that defies description. Voyager surprise with overwhelming songwriting and a lot of variation. Ten of eleven tracks have a far above average level, only One More Time could have been heavier. Most of all, I was impressed by the extraordinary vocals reminding me of Falconer’s Mathias Blad. It doesn’t matter if the band goes for mid-tempo or more dynamic tunes, the vocals are always at their best. Even the piano is well integrated into the music, and never sounds as penetrating as on many gothic metal albums. It helps a lot to create dramatic, but short passages which soon after are followed by more epic and heavier breaks.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite track on Univers as I like nearly every song on the album. Everwaiting shows that melodic metal can have balls. Sober, also included as a video clip on the CD, is a prime example for a perfect neo-prog song. Falling is balancing between a semi-ballad and a hymn, and White Shadow is a rather dynamic rock song with some unusual black metal growls.

When it comes to contemporary metal music, Voyager is a band that must not be ignored. Their music is so rich and diverse that there should be a broad audience finding interest in Univers. Prog rockers, melodic metal-heads and maybe even tolerant gothic fans can discover some jewels by listening to one of Australia’s most interesting bands.

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