Vreid - V

9 songs
48:36 minutes
***** ****


Insiders will know that Vreid arose from the ashes of black metal legend Windir, but they have released already enough good albums that their past doesn’t have to be recalled any longer. After Windir vocalist Valfar mysteriously died of hypothermia in 2003, most of the remaining band members decided to continue under the new name Vreid. Former Windir member Strom now also joined the band, so that all Vreid musicians now share their common past.

Enough of that, and let’s move on to Vreid’s fifth album, simply and fittingly titled V. Their music once again upholds the high level of its predecessor, but the lyrics deal with completely different issues. While Milorg was about the Norwegian resistance movement from World War II, V takes a look at Norwegian artists (Munch, Mamsun) of the early 20th century.

Vreid define themselves as a black’n’roll band, which in their case means a mix of black metal and rock music. The new album contains a lot of quiet and melancholic parts that are usually not associated with that genre. Vreid’s biggest strength are the unexpected twists and turns within songs and are the proverbial salt in the soup. All the tracks are full of suspense, with pace changes that never allow boredom to surface. Next to classic old school black metal screams, you will also encounter relaxing intermezzos, ambient journey and much more. On The Sound Of The River, for which they made a video clip, the band is acting with surprisingly progressive allure. The ten-minute-plus The Others And The Look is full of variations and reminds towards its end of the early Pink Floyd.

V has become an album brimming with variety. Vreid always take more than two years between records, never risking to act prematurely. I have been a big fan of them for a long time, and am still as fascinated as in their early days. There are hardly any better black metal bands around right now.

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