8 songs
47:31 minutes
***** ****


In this time and age, many young bands wonder why, after spending lots of money on recording their debut album, why they have to spend another bunch on sending promotional CDs out to the press. Why even wait for people from far away to buy your music when it's so much easier for the average person to buy what's the hype of the day?

VS from Paris, France therefore offer their self-titled debut album for free. Either you download it high-quality at Jamendo (either by Bittorrent which I don't use or by Emule which doesn't seem to work with VS), or you download 128kbps MP3s of the album on the band's homepage, which is what I did.

People used to say that whatever is free can't be worth very much, but then those people never listened to VS, who deliver eight mostly long electro indie alternative post pop on their debut album. A lot of it is probably inspired by contemporary Radiohead, but VS are different in that there songs take more time to build up, never really becoming the accessible pop song you are afraid to hear. A bit like our local Hal Flavin, VS create intelligent quiet pop songs that you instantly like, that keep growing on you and have a certain commercial flair that probably will still elude the masses.

There are a lot of free albums around right now, and I wonder how people should know what to listen to, and how to be able to find the rare diamonds among the stinking piles of dung. VS are of course one of the rare gems, a modern contemporary indie alternative band that writes beautiful haunting songs that you have to download already for the reason that this is truly value for money. Apart from that you will be treated with three quarters of an hour of splendid music. Check out for a start first Noway and Re Verse, and if you like it you have to download the entire album.

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