YAWNING SONS - Ceremony To The Sunset

Yawning Sons - Ceremony To The Sunset

7 songs
43:29 minutes
***** **
Lexicon Devil


Collaborative albums are always a mixed bag, especially if you happen to be unfamiliar with the bands that teamed up to create something new. In the case of Yawning Sons, we get English instrumental riff rock band Sons Of Alpha Centauri augmented by guitarist Gary Arce of Yawning Man, an influential if somewhat obscure American stoner rock band that started in the mid-Eighties and took two decades before their first album came out.

Ceremony To The Sunset contains mostly long tracks, most of them instrumental, although three feature guest vocalists. The opener Ghostship / Deadwater is the longest piece with eight and a half minutes. Wendy Rae Fowler from Katie Cruel has the honour of lending her vocals, and giving the epic a certain Siouxsie and the Banshees feeling. The following two instrumental continue the dark atmosphere before the short – and also vocal-less – Whales In Tar creates something like a break which is followed by another eight minute long track Meadows, this time with male guest vocals (either by former Kyuss bass player Scott Reeder or Yawning Man vocalist Mario Lalli). This track comes with a mesmerising atmosphere that makes sure that this becomes the highlight of the album. The following Garden Sessions III features once more male vocals, although it has a more experimental touch. The concluding instrumental Japanese Garden concludes the album with an Oriental mood.

I have to admit that although Ceremony To The Sunset lacks the potential to become a true classic, mostly due to its somewhat improvisational attitude, it becomes surprisingly captivating with its three last songs that switch the more depressing mood of the beginning with a more hypnotic vibe.

Fans of Sons Of Alpha Centauri and Yawning Man will definitely discover more than an uninitiated listener like me does, but even casual rock fans might find themselves enchanted by the collective’s nonchalant approach that covers everything from melancholic post wave sounds to fever burned desert rock. Ceremony To The Sunset is an intriguing sonic journey that may not always hit right on the spot but still benefits from its loose and casual approach.

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