YEGUSSA - Yegussa

Yegussa - Yegussa

7 songs
29:04 minutes
***** **


Yegussa are a young Luxembourgish three-piece that has so far kept a very low profile. Having only played the pub circuit and trying hard to have as few Myspace friends as possible, they are the exact opposite of many other aspiring bands who try to have ten thousands of friends before they even recorded their first song.

Therefore it was quite a surprise to see these guys release a CD. If you expect a cheaply manufactured CD-R, you are gravely mistaken. Although they kept as true to the DIY spirit as possible, they came up with a cleanly pressed disc, packaged in a serigraphy styled cardboard cover that looks better than what most semi-professional local bands come up with.

The five songs and two intros have been digitally recorded in their rehearsal room, and again it shows that the new millennium gives bands totally different outlooks on sound quality. Guitar, bass and drums are transparent, and although the guitar has logically the most important role, the rhythm section provides a varied backbone that makes the half hour experience anything but boring.

Of course parallels to fellow instrumental rockers Tvesla are still there, but Yegussa are more melodic, with the guitar work reminding also of the more psychedelic excursions of Chief Marts. With songs normally longer than five minutes, they have much space for improvisational soloing, so that we finally end up with freewheeling psychedelic indie noise rock, or whatever you prefer to call their sound. Not only the great artwork, but also the pleasant music should make Yegussa’s debut EP an interesting addition to your collection.

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