Yellowish - So Bright

10 songs
50:52 minutes
***** ***


Yellowish are an indie pop rock from Aarhus, Denmark that started already in the late 90s. Their debut album Solid Ground from 2004 was a bit disappointing because it contained some real nice tracks, but a lot of the material just wasn't exciting enough.

Two years later, Yellowish have done much better. The album starts with their first single This Is My Direction which is a nice song with male and female vocals. This melancholic song is a wonderful pop track and it doesn't surprise that it got into the rotation of the Danish radio stations. The other two scheduled singles, the happy Unite and the bombastic Awake, are two further pop smashers, giving you the impression that Yellowish are one of the rare carefree bands on this dreary planet.

But there is also a calmer side to Yellowish. Even if the guitars are always slightly distorted, the keyboards emphasise their pop aspect, resulting in beautiful dream pop tracks like Closer and Sleepyhead, even if some songs could be a bit harder for my taste. The perfect harmony between the Cardigans like female vocals and the U2 like male vocals are a strong point in favour of Yellowish, catching immediately the listener's attention.

The sound is very clear as it is supposed to be the case for a pop album, although they chose a very unusual man for the job. Producer Ziggy has already worked for Danish death metal band Illdisposed.

Yellowish have achieved a huge improvement during the two last years. If they wrote some more songs similar to their three singles, a higher rating could still be possible.

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