YELLOW PRESS - Summer Tour 2003

Yellow Press - Summer Tour 2003

5 songs
12:21 minutes
***** ****
Silver Skate


The Yellow Press are a relatively young band from California, and after a look at their website, you'll notice that there is a certain goofy charm about this four-piece. Apart from that, considering that they shared the stage with bands like Xiu Xiu, JR Ewing and The Locust, you will start to understand the weird sounds that are awaiting you on their Summer Tour 2003 CD-EP.

Only one of the five songs transcends the three-minute-limit, which shows The Yellow Press's attitude towards music: why extend a song unnecessarily if everything important can be done in a much shorter time. Quirky song structures, new-wavy keyboards, mathy guitar work and double vocals evoke many beautiful images (and influences?). Where the music reminds of a twisted mix of Devo-ish articulation and Fugazi-like post-punk, the vocals aim very much into NoMeansNo territory. Without copying any of these bands, The Yellow Press manage fairly well to come out with a sound of their very own. Hard to point out any special song, as with the limited playing time of the EP, you are allowed to enjoy every song without special preference, although the last track Rubber And Wood reminds me a lot of Exquisite Corpse from the musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch, but I guess that's just a freak coincidence.

The Yellow Press are supposed to tour Europe this coming March, so if they play anywhere near you, try not to miss them, and meanwhile check out their homepage, listen to the song clips and buy the EP if you like it. Anyway, the chances are high that you will!

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