YORBLIND - Melancholy Souls

Yorblind - Melancholy Souls

12 songs
46:11 minutes
***** **


Every Swedish band seems to have the right to release one more generic death metal album just to be elevated to the throne of Scandinavian melodic death metal. Parisian metal heads Yorblind must have thought that by labelling their music Scandinavian, they would have the same chance for success. But put the smoke screen aside, and you're left with a young and very promising melodic death metal band that is enormously versatile from a technical point of view, but lacks the experience to uphold the high level of their better songs, like the incredible fast opener Hybrid that combines death and thrash metal into an explosive song with a killer chorus. Forget adds female vocals, not very originally, but still in a way that it makes you look up from what you're doing.

Apart from that, you are in presence of a perfectly produced and flawlessly played death metal album that has maybe a bit ruder sound that their more commercial peers. Melancholy Souls won't disturb any fan of Sweden death, but I doubt that it will rank high on people's to-buy lists as there are just too few own trademarks. So we remain with seven promising points for a newcomer band that can become really great one day if they work harder on finding their own sound. Keep these guys under observation!

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