BLEEDING - Elementum

Bleeding - Elementum

9 songs
52:10 minutes
***** ****
Pure Prog


Even though German progressive power metal band Bleeding has been founded only in 2011, the five members are already men of a certain age. After an EP (2012) and a first longplayer (2015), they are now back with their second album Elementum. I am not familiar with their debut Behind Transparent Walls, but as I grew up in the early Nineties with German bands like Lanfear and Sieges Even, the music on Elementum instantly mesmerised me. Back then, German progressive metal band had a really popular time, and Bleeding sound exactly as if they took their inspiration straight from way back then.

The music performed by Bleeding is very brainy and ask a lot of attention. There are a lot of powerful parts where the elevated pace and rhythms can be labelled as technical thrash metal. During these moments, the vocals are soar a little higher, the way we know it from bands like Sieges Even and Watchtower. But youíll also encounter atmospheric moods on Elementum. Immortal Projection is one such piece where the band is concocting up some really suspenseful parts. The dramatic aspect is another side of Bleeding. The end of Heir To Apostasy reminds of Savatage, and the ten-minute long Paranoia is a rewarding magnum opus. This track starts with a theatrical vocal performance that owes a little to certain musicals and then offers everything from hectic to relaxing parts. But actually each and every track can stand very well on its own. Sense And Science shows the band from their straighter side. On Ember, the band instead does its thing at its most progressive. The instrumental title track is also quite excellent, and the concluding Shipwrecked is a fierce piece that one more time mirrors the bandís entire repertoire.

I suppose that Bleeding got their name from the album by Psychotic Waltz. Their music may not be for everyone as it is far from trendy. But those who grew up with sophisticated progressive power metal will recognise that the music on Bleeding sounds more authentic than a lot of the more contemporary sounding new bands.

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