INK BOMB - Invincible Summer

Ink Bomb - Invincible Summer

6 songs
10:26 minutes
***** ***


Founded only last year, although my musicians that have garnered experience in previous bands, Dutch punk rock quartet Ink Bomb decided to play melodic punk rock inspired by the likes of Bad Religion and Descendents. Considering that this is the music I grew up with in the Nineties, I am of course more than happy that Ink Bomb didnít decide to jump on some trendy bandwagon.

Their debut EP Invincible Summer is rushing through its six songs in just a little over ten minutes, but that doesnít prevent the band from being incredibly melodic. The opener Survey Says is a wonderfully catchy song that only needs one and a half minute to bring its message over. The production is maybe a little thin, but I prefer it to those glossy products that eventually lack all punk spirit. The vocals are slightly hoarse yet very melodic, and itís with them, and some of the rhythm guitar work, where the Bad Religion comparisons come from. The following Invincible Summer is even shorter, and not even eighty seconds. This title track shows the band from a slightly more aggressive side and faster pace. Next up is Stale, which is the EPís highlight. Just as catchy as the opener, and yet this track manages to add some melancholy that gives the song even more depth. At two and a half minutes, this is by the way the EPís longest song!

The second half starts with the furious hardcore punk rocker Battering Ram, the only really less melodic track, and at not even three quarters of a minute long, a tribute to early hardcore punk bands. Eisenhower is a little over two minutes long and another of the bandís melodic punk rock tracks, even though maybe not quite as memorable as the previous "pop" songs. The EP concludes with an acoustic version of Stale, and why not?, considering it is the bandís best song. Although I am usually sceptical of acoustic punk rock experiments, this version does highlight the songís underlying structure better, even though the electric version is more entertaining.

For those of you who miss the good old days of melodic punk rock, before it was taken over by commercial acts that appealed more to the masses than to the underground, you will have something surprisingly good to discover with Ink Bombís Invincible Summer. Of course, after the ten minutes are over, I could have done with another dose, but thatís maybe for another time. Until then, I suggest you get their EP which is sold for a minimum price of 1Ä at their Bandcamp page.

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