KICK NURSE - Horse Conduit

Kick Nurse - Horse Conduit

3 songs
20:27 minutes
***** ***


Noise rock has been for quite a long time the unwieldy brother of alternative rock, and especially in the Nineties, this genre allowed rock music to remain wild, free and dangerous when the tamer brother started entering the charts. Kick Nurse may be a product of the twenty-first century, but their free form / no wave approach reminds me of many stellar artists from twenty years ago.

The Brighton based quartet has recently released its debut EP Horse Conduit, on which they offer three tracks that enhance the AmRep infused noise rock sound with elements as varied as math rock, free jazz, post punk and no wave. The opener Gusto The Great starts with a wicked guitar melody, soon the drums join in, and then not much later the dominant bass guitar completes the instrumental trio. What I like about the production is how every instrument has the same weight in the mix, making for a very democratic listening experience. The vocals sound pierced and full of angst, fitting perfectly into the overall sound. The following Fist Bucket starts out a little more sedately, but donít worry, as the second half of the song adds some more of the initial chaotic charm. The concluding Swish Amish Knife - pun definitely intended - is a nearly ten minute long monster track on which Kick Nurse are showing themselves from their most hypnotic side.

For a debut record, Horse Conduit is a very promising first step. The production value is beyond reproach, the musicians and vocalist do a blameless job too, and the non-linear songwriting, while quite likely too strange for a mainstream audience, still shows that this band is willing to dig deep to come up with fascinating and captivating music. If you like your rock music noisy and are tired of the typical verse-chorus recipes, then Kick Nurse are definitely worth your time and attention.

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