KRATORNAS - Devoured By Damnation

Kratornas - Devoured By Damnation

10 songs
35:55 minutes
***** ****


Holy fucking shit! Kratornas is the real deal when it comes to raw, abrasive metal. Started by a young man named Zachariah over twenty years ago in the Philippines, Kratornasí first releases were apparently cassette tapes full of unlistenable noise and yet he never gave up. It was only in 2007 when a debut longplayer finally came out, followed two years later by a sophomore effort, and then Zachariah did the smart thing and moved away from his native country to the more liberal Canada, and considering what kind of a trumped up guy is playing currently president in the Philippines, his timing couldnít have been any better.

So this makes Devoured By Damnation Kratornasí third longplayer but only his first to be released from his new home in Canada. If you expect now something tamer, considering that the living conditions are smoother in Northern America, you are more than mistaken, as Devoured By Damnation is some of the rawest metal I have come across in my entire life. The basic foundation is a mix between black metal and grindcore, but it all comes with a proto thrash metal attitude reminding me of the very early Sodom, expect that Kratornas music is more confident and therefore feels even more aggressive. The guitar solos are totally crazy, not unlike the chromatic dissonances of a young Kerry King. Is it lack of talent or purest genius? I donít know, and yes, this is a kind of music you either love or hate, although I think most people will definitely hate it, but that makes it all the more lovable for us weirdos who like their metal like a fist in the face.

Song titles like Spit On God, Dead Burning Christ, Archangels Of Destruction tell already a very blasphemic story that makes you guess what to expect: the recklessness of early Morbid Angel and Deicide, the primeval black metal experiments by a young Quorthon, the grindcore insanity of Napalm Death, the proto thrash of Sodom, well everything in metal that ever had this spirit of rebellion that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place.

So maybe the production feels a little rough at times, but somehow the vocals, guitar, bass and drums still have their place in the mix, and that is what makes Devoured By Damnation in the end a glorious success instead of just a mere experiment in chaotic noise. Fans on early primitive extreme metal will definitely love Kratornas.

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