LA HORDE - Dystopie

La Horde - Dystopie

14 songs
43:51 minutes
***** ****


Three years after the excellent debut En passant par le monde, Dystopie is the second longplayer by French thrashcore band La Horde. Fourteen tracks in under three quarters of an hour show that the Nancy based band is following mercilessly in their chosen path.

The first notes of the opener Soleil Noir remind instantly of thrash legends like Nuclear Assault or Sacred Reich. Just like their role models, La Horde donít shy away from using influences from the hardcore or even punk genres. The band delivers fast and furious guitar riffs that give the impression that the four musicians really like to let off steam in their music. Especially the slightly hysterical voice recall at times the late Keith Deen (Holy Terror) and fits perfectly the musicís fast pace. One wonders when, where and if the vocalist finds time to take a breath. Maybe on the slower parts where the band substitutes speed with complexity, with their darker moments drawing parallels to Coroner and Voivod. Even though the band is usually switching between ultra-fast and occasional mid-tempo parts, there is always room for surprises on Dystopie. Immortel is astonishingly quiet and comes with spoken vocals, and Rťsignť even comes with a bass solo. Les pionnier du chaos is one of the bandís groovy tracks that contains one of their very few guitar solos.

Even though the band stayed true to their musical orientation, there has come a change with the lyrics. They are still interested in science fiction and fantasy literature, but Dystopie is not a concept album. Nearly all the song deal with films and novels from the genre. The lyrics are once again in French, which makes sense, considering that many on the authors that influenced the music are of French origin.

La Horde are still one of the most exciting metal bands from France. Itís great how the band manages to offer so many strong moments in such a short time span. La Horde always come straight to the point and never overstay their welcome. They know what they want, and thatís a professional attitude that deserves praise.

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