THE LILIX & DIDI ROCK BAND - Autre chose à faire le soir

The Lilix & Didi Rock Band - Autre chose à faire le soir

10 songs
39:00 minutes
***** **
M & O


As a father and an elementary school teacher, I have to subject myself quite often to music aimed at children. It happens less frequently that music is played by pre-teens. The Lilix & Didi Rock Band came together two years ago when both Lilix and Didi were ten years old. The girls share bass, drums and vocals. The guitar is played by their music teacher.

It struck me immediately that the band is covering subjects that matter to aspiring teenagers. The opener Pas juste is right away a typical example. Other youth friendly topics are animal welfare, first love, friendship, school, fast food,... From a musical point of view, they see themselves as a rock band, although they are open to many influences. The opener may have an unintentional Sonic Youth touch, whereas J’ai avalé une mouche is sounding rather lo-fi. Life By The Drop features a violin part and has more of a country flair. Some tracks feel a little bluesy, which doesn’t work so well for me. I prefer the upbeat Beethoven cover Hymne à la joie and the very succeeded Pink Floyd cover Comfortably Numb. I Like Candy is even covered with French lyrics. Towards the end we get with Caroline some authentic French rock’n’roll which even Eddie Mitchell couldn’t have done better.

You have to listen to Autre chose à faire le soir more than just once to get access to the music. The girls’ voices are not yet fully developed. Sometimes they could keep their voices more levelly, and the music could have used some more punch too. But considering that these artists have just not yet hit their teenage years, it’s already quite a promising start into a hopefully long career.

The album Autre chose à faire le soir can be obtained online nearly for free. You just need to make a Paypal donation according to your means (although 10€ is considered fair) to Pedagosic, a project combining music and pedagogy.

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