LOST IN PAIN - Plague Inc.

Lost In Pain - Plague Inc.

10 songs
46:11 minutes
***** **


We had to wait nearly years for Lost In Pain to publish their second album after their eponymous debut. While the first record was self-released, Plague Inc. sees the band signed to Noiseworks Records. Other than that, not much has changed with Lost In Pain. They are still the same three men and one women from the south of Luxembourg who bring their timeless metal to the masses.

The cover artwork isnít really that great, just like on the predecessor, but one shouldnít judge a CD by its cover. The first video clip Greed left already a good impression with a sound that draws parallels to Metallicaís self-titled black album. Lost In Pain have been flirting with the Bay Area thrash sound from the beginning, and they still do it with conviction.

So what about the rest of the album? The opener Justify isnít the optimal opener as it feels a little long despite its short length of only four minutes. Greed, which has been put deep into the second half of the album, would have been the more logical choice. Hugoís vocals still sound very close to those of a certain James Hetfield, and the two guitars are both interacting well and great at soloing. Highlights on the albums are the rocking Gone with its catchy chorus that has all it takes to become a future classic, and also Addiction and Dark Diesel that convince with a lot of steam. Lost In Pain have also a darker side, as on the gloomy mid-tempo track Sodom and Three Days Of Darkness where they proof that they can build suspense also at lesser speed.

Plague Inc. feels a little like a double-edged sword. Lost In Pain are still a very talented metal band that makes it undoubtedly into the top 10 of the Luxembourgish metal scene, but it is a bit of a shame that the band is avoiding risks and is thus unable to truly progress from the debut. Letís hope that the band will open itself to a more daring side in the future, even if it has to take another four years. It would be a shame if I had to subtract yet another point.

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